Pre-Season Planning

Westford Science Fair:


  • Meet Tuesday after school for repairs
  • Robot leaves EHS @ 4:30 pm
  • Science Fair from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

What to bring:

  • 2 corners and 3 sides
  • duck spinner
  • half the field

Don’t let little kids drive the robot! (?)

Work for this Spring?

Explore what it takes to form FRC team

Zoom call with Rutland?

FTC Invitational @ WPI:

Yes! Update (5/3/22): The invitational has been cancelled :/

Message from Bubbert coach, “FIRST New England is working on a New England FTC Invitational Event. I would wait for official word from UVM, but the plan is that all NE teams are invited, and the competition format will be changed up a little to make it a bit more balanced and fun. It will be at WPI and the targeted date is June 11th. This would be a great opportunity to extend your season, so if you’re interested don’t bleak down you bots.”


REV sponsorship

Talk to school board

Global Foundries (Funding and space)

Set a budget

Software Camp this Summer @ UVM:


Team Name:

Haphazard Robotics for now

Haphazard Hornets if sponsored by school

Maybe something else

Meeting Wrap Up:


  • Westford science fair @5:00 Thursday
  • Haphazard Robotics for now (Hornets if school funding, maybe something else)
  • Meeting Tuesday
  • FTC Invitational @ WPI
  • UVM software camp (Ben, Matthew, maybe Cheru, Max)

Next Steps:

  • Zoom call with Rutland
  • Rev sponsorship?
  • Fundraising

Questions to be answered:

  • Create an FRC team?