Wednesday Meeting


  • Run through ground rules again
  • Quorums?
  • Overview of Awards
  • Set roles
  • Website/note-taking
  • Ads for fundraising - social media
  • Work plan for friday/saturday
  • Find a bigger conference room


Established that a quorum is at least 10 people

Alexander is in charge of Motivate Award

Max is in charge of Design Award

Mason is in charge of Control Award

Cheru's in charge of Connect Award

Matthew's in charge of Think/Innovate Award

Website and notebook editor will continue to be worked on - using Notion as a CMS?

Some kind of robot reveal video when we get closer to winter?

For Friday/Saturday:

  • Second chassis
  • Work on linear slide
  • Work on controls in driver control
  • Autonomous - figure out motor encoding and odometry
  • Computer vision - tensorflow, opencv
  • Build our own playing field?