Pre-Season Planning 2

FLL Teams

Advance education credits for teachers

Lots of EV3s to give out - USB ports broken but good

Reach out to middle school teachers and families!

Start mentoring individual teams

Goals for next year


Prepare for judges - more than 2 weeks ahead this time!

Brainstorm FIRST! - also, modularize - build individual components first and build the robot around it. NO ARMS!

Multiple robots - the same thing, but people can work on programming and driving/mechanical at the same time

Space & Materials

Organize tools etc. over the summer

Having a system for organization of tools

Make a dedicated robotics room?

Permanent space elsewhere?

People Organization

Trello? Gantter? Or whiteboard

Agendas for every day

Work together

People have specific responsibilities

Organize team around awards?

One leader per award

Full time robotics team - work hard through the entire year

Structure more like a buisness

Sponsorships and fundraising

Fund a nonprofit?

Essex High School branding?

FRC Team?

Regional - also, nonprofit may be required for this

FTC team under FRC team


Other states: New York?


Helps for fundraising and branding


Make it to worlds! And take home all of the awards.


Middle Schools

Driving the robot around - spreading awareness

Instagram account

Bring outreach robot to Tech Jam

Short videos - youtube, tocktik, instagram


New People

Teach them about robotics first!!! This is important -Cheru

Training with power tools etc.

For anyone - learn CAD with Fusion 360 video series


Innovation isn't limited to mechanical!

Connect award - Oasis Lang with other teams

Motivate award - FRC and FLL teams, outreach

Control award - programming

Organize team around awards?