First Meeting!

Release Party?

Saturday 10 12:45AM -2:00PM, U-32 High School OR

Watch at EHS OR

At home

Club Fair

No date yet - might not need to go though (we have plenty of people)


$400 credit with Rev, but on backorder :/

  • GoFundMe
  • FPF
  • Krispy Kremes
  • Robot-shaped cookies (bake sale)
  • Sell coffee - either in the front or walk around
  • Food at parent conferences
  • Sell candy
  • Selling hot chocolate at sporting events (XC)
  • Sponsorships (TechJam, Rev)


Code things (in assembly)

Cheru, Mason, Riley

We should probably have decent code and vision this year...


Give out our lego parts!!! (ADL, EMS)

Team Name

Needs to be professional

Hive Mind Robotics

Emphasizes teamwork, brains, etc.