Wednesday Meeting


  • Club fair - strategies and setup
  • Sponsorships - emailing
  • Sponsorships - listing items to buy
  • Instragram accounts


Club Fair

there will be candy (not for us!)

Nora'll be standing with us

Give out buisness cards

Bring linear slide, claw, and basic robot

Bring Cheru, Matthew, Mason

Bring some spike primes and random whimsical things

Bring laptop with a slideshow

Bring signup sheet (Cheru'll make one)

QR Code with website link


We might want to get a GoBilda linear slide instead of an AndyMark one

Social Media

appointing alexander as the social media coordinator, with mason as assistant

axleander can make a blender render of our robot


We've created a slack workspace for people to communicate (can't use Discord because it's blocked by school wifi)

Details will be posted in the google chat


Cheru is going to re-do the website over the next few weeks and get that posted, with a better ui, notebook, etc.

What to do Friday/Saturday?

We should work on getting the robot moving (all wheels touch the ground!)

Control hub under the robot?

Work on linear slide

Try out scissor arm idea

Talk to Mason about code things later

Workshops will be postponed for the end of the year